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Nick moves back home [1]

Frantically, Anna pushed him down, situated her hands on his conditioned chest, and rode her uncle's rooster, taking the entire length all over as her young lady juices overflowed on Nick's balls. He firmly grasped her round firm butt cheeks, and beat his hips up to meet her downstrokes, his drenched balls riding up and slapping against her little pink puckered poop chute. She took control riding him, yet he reminded her who was truly in control with a couple of light, and afterward firm, slaps of his palm on her adolescent ass. 

Anna's eyes moved back, and her mouth expanded as she worked her voraciously horny pussy on her uncle's hard thick dick. A string of slobber dribbled down her jaw to her chest and ran down her level stomach. Scratch could feel his cum load building, astonished he had kept going as long as he had given how close she was. 

She pulled together to her uncle's eyes. "I want to cum Uncle Nick, and I need your cum inside me." 

He realized it was off-base and perilous to seed his young niece's rich belly, however he wasn't thinking with his cerebrum. He came to down to play her pounding clit with his thumb, feeling her juices stream much harder from her opening grasping his dick. 

Fuck indeed, Uncle Nick, screw me! Indeed! Yes!!!" 

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